#4 Teal Green Porcelain Flask and Shot

#4 Teal Green Porcelain Flask and Shot


#4 Teal Green Porcelain Flask and Shot

Wheel thrown and hand built porcelain flask and matching shot cup. A satin teal green glaze is in the carvings and inside the shot. The raw white porcelain is left unglazed and polished. Flasks have a clear glaze on the inside. All Carvings and decorations are done by hand line by line. A thin leather cord attaches the cork top to the flask so it cannot be lost.

Cork tops fit tight and are likely not to fall out, but please keep in mind the handmade nature. Corks cannot be guaranteed leak-proof if left overturned.

Do not pull on the leather cord to open.

Flask holds about 7 fluid oz. 3 inches wide, 3.5 inches tall

Shot holds about ½ fluid oz. 1 inch wide, 1.75 inches tall

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