Round Trip Clayworks is a team of two ceramic artists and partners Erika Novak and Drew Darley.  This couple of young artists work together creating unique pottery and art.

The two began making ceramics in 2015 at Central Connecticut State University.  Both Erika and Drew were pursuing their undergrads in different disciplines; Drew was studying for a math degree and Erika was working toward an environmental geography degree. They met when taking a ceramics elective class at the university. For the next three years of school all their time was spent in the ceramics department. Their days consisted of making pots, testing glazes, and firing kilns. By this point all bets were off, Erika and Drew knew they wanted to be potters.

Every piece of pottery is hand thrown on a potter's wheel and carved or finished with extra attention to detail. The pieces are glazed with one of a kind high fire crystalline or stoneware glazes. All glazes are formulated and mixed by hand in small batches. From mugs to vases every piece is completely unique and attains the highest level of craftsmanship. Drew specializes in Crystalline glazes and bottle forms while Erika specializes on carving geometric patterns and decorations. Many pieces both artist have a part in making.


We also like to play

Working with clay has not only been our passion but it has become a lifestyle. We live our lives completely dedicated to our craft. Making, building, creating, and selling our artworks and building our business is everything to us. We are firm believers that a life lived for art is a life worth living. We also love that this lifestyle allows us the freedom to play and explore! If we are not in the studio you can find us traveling around in our van, getting lost, climbing rocks, or catching fish.